MEgan Vickell, PR


What is PR?
Public relations focuses on promoting a company, product or individual in order to gain exposure in the media, build a brand, create awareness, and increase credibility.

What does MVPR do?
MVPR helps its' clients credibility and visibility.

What public relations services do you provide?
Megan offers everything from traditional “pitch and place” media relations to modern content distribution, and everything in between. See “Services” for full list.

Do you have relevant experience in regard to my sector?
Megan is widely experienced across a diverse range of B2B and B2C sectors. Her core areas include, fashion, consumer technology, beauty and general lifestyle. She is happy to provide relevant case studies and client testimonials to help demonstrate our experience in your area.

How many press placements will I get?
The amount of press placements for each client varies, some may get one press placement in a month, and others may get 10+. There are many factors that affect media coverage results – newsworthiness, the size of the target market, the length of the PR campaign, the amount of time and effort the client is willing to put into answering media questions or doing interviews, the amount of media contacts pitched, and more. Sometimes campaigns or pitches take time to get traction with the media and results are not immediately seen, however, this is not always the case and the complete opposite will happen – it’s difficult to guarantee results, but rest assured that the best efforts will be put forth in generating coverage for the client.

Would you represent anybody? If not, what criteria do you use in selecting clients?
No, Megan only represents clients whom she feels she can successfully land publicity. If she doesn’t think you have a marketable product, idea or service, or she doesn’t believe she can effectively help you achieve your goals, she won’t accept you as a client. Another reason she may pass is because she already represent a client similar to what you do or offer. She does not want her clients competing against one other for publicity. She wants to push for a client 100%, not 50% of the time.

Why choose Megan Vickell Public Relations?
Because she is good at what she does and has had tremendous success - her reputation means everything to her.  So please, don’t simply take her word for it, ask around. How do you structure your fees? Megan can work on either retainer or a project basis, depending on your requirements. She is happy to provide a quotation beforehand, and highlighs any additional fees before embarking on additional work. That means that you’ll never receive an invoice from her that you weren’t expecting.

Are there any contracts or long term commitments? Retainer contracts are typically 3, 6 and 9 months in length, with a 2 month probation period wherein the client and Megan feel out the relationship. After 60 days it is recommended that both parties come together to assess the working relationship to ensure long-term success. There is no maximum length to working together; however, regular check-ins and reviews will be scheduled to ensure mutual client-provider satisfaction. We hope the above has addressed any potential questions you might have, but if you’d like to learn more about how we work, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.